Mac Support-A Report 
Apple Macintosh computer repair can be difficult if your company does not have any in house Mac savvy support staff member. In order to have your computers repaired, you need to hire a certified Mac service provider. Apple realized the need to troubleshoot its systems and hardware, so they have created a comprehensive certification program called Apple Certifications. Through this certification program, IT professionals will learn how to repair a computer system. Whenever you need Mac repair, make sure you outsource to a service provider that has Apple Certified Technicians, or is an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). You may want to check out  Mac Support for more.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when searching for a support services provider: Before contacting any company you should first try to determine the problems that you are experiencing with your machine. If you are not sure, try to call the provider and ask to speak with a technician to help identify the preliminary problems. After the initial discussion if you believe the company has a good grasp of the problem, then you can have them to perform a complete diagnostic on your system.
If your computer having major issues or difficult problems, consider to bring it over to the service provider for an on-site repairs and upgrades. Most services provider can provide same day turnaround on repairs or upgrade services. Do make sure the staffs are certified professionals and not an amateur. Do ask about their training, certification and how many years of experiences they have in servicing Mac machines.